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Android Development

We are the android development company who delivers exciting, apps and games that ensure entertainment to all types of android gamers. We provide end-to end- solutions to fulfill the client needs.

Developers and their Goal:

We have a list of good Android Game Developers who are ready to work for delivering effectively visualized graphical games on time. We have a dedicated team, who can work tirelessly for every project and also we are always up to date with the customers during the project cycle. Our communication with the customers is very transparent. For all our apps we provide solid customer support to make sure they are properly guided before and after the delivery.


We first discuss and evaluate the concept. Then develop the final document and finalize the project.


Best design will be chosen for the game. Sample design will be provided for the approval and finalize it.


Objects, animations and additional components will be discussed and finally design with UI will be created.


QA team will test and finalize the product delivery.


Thinks to notice:

  • Interesting game levels and rich visuals, which initially motivates the user to be more involved in the games.
  • Delivering the best quality gaming for millions of android mobile users who are interested in using paid apps.
  • Android devices including phones, tablets are adoptable.

Frequently Ask Questions

What devices are supported for Google Play Instant?
Google Play Instant is supported on the majority of devices running Android 5.0 (API level 21) and higher.
Developers only need to maintain a single project with a single source tree. They can configure the project to create two build artifacts:
Installable version
Instant apps version
The effort involved in adding instant app support to an installable app depends on how the installable app is currently structured.
Google Play Instant functionality complements an existing Android app. This means, it doesn't replace the existing Android app. It uses the same Android APIs, the same project, and the same source code. It restricts some features that may not match users' expectations of an app that isn't installed. For example, an instant app cannot use background services, send background notifications, or access unique device identifiers.
Developers can allow users to install the app from Google Play by using the showInstallPrompt() method.